Melting Logic is still here, UPDATE TIME!

Melting Logic is still here, UPDATE TIME!


This is the most important fact of 2015 that everyone should know, we’re very sorry for the extreme lack of updates in the past months days, but fortunately WE DO HAVE A GREAT EXCUSE! or a bunch of excuses, but all great, anyway.

Against all beliefs, we didn’t put everything aside to become a team of drug dealers or cat owners, but instead, we certainly made a crucial step in our lives for both our professional carrers. Want to find out? 😉

I proudly annouce that now we’re both very well employed by full-time jobs. (!!!) But wait! And what is this site all about?! As you already know, Melting Logic is our self entrepreneurial initiative that we both are financing from our own pockets, following our passion for computer graphics, games and business, so we really need money to keep things going, that’s why the blog became quiet lately. We had a ton of freelancing to do in order to pay our refined coffee taste and whores books.

I’m not kidding, BOOKS:


Who needs woman when you can have a full color 400 page hardcover book about topology!11 8D

Err.. well, back to the topic. So what we did with our so called precisous time that coudn’t be reverted into the so important fresh blog posts?

Gustavo released Pixly, an awesome free pixel-art app for Android

Animation made with Pixly on a tablet


Since its launch, he had A TON of requests from users around the world (and I know because a copy from each of these emails come to me, crazy stuff!)

You can check it out at it’s dedicated domain:

I’ve been busy working in some shots for the Pro-Lighting: Skies release trailer by Blender Guru

Copyright Blender Guru – All Rights Reserved

This time I had two relatively heavy scenes to work on, and that LED ME TO BUY A NEW WORKSTATION:

Yeah! It’s a watercooled Core i7 @ 4.0GHZ with 16gb DDR3 memory, 256gb SSD, and a GTX780Ti to warm my room during cold nights, I couldn’t be happier apart from the fact that now it’s already defased, things that would usually take days in my old workstation now only take minutes! All this while browsing in the web and doing some doodles in Photoshop. Crazy.

Even a BSOD looks way cooler on that.

Even a BSOD looks way cooler on that.

(These monitors are placeholder BTW, three sleeky 24″ IPS Screens on the way :D)

I’m working on a Training DVD for CGMasters:

But that’s actually a secret. Well… not that much, but I can advance that it will be something involving crazy environments like the stuff that I usually like to do. But now on a i7.


A discontinued version, to feel what’s all about 😀

So now you can understand why the blog is lacking posts lately. But it’s for a good cause.

Further on, because off all that stuff going on, we ended up with some really great career oportunities in the middle. From now on I’m in the role of Art Manager for Blender Guru and CGFort as a full-time job, and Gustavo became a Developer for Elo7, and he’s doing that while finishing his Computer Science degree; Yea, lots of things to deal with.

With all that stuff happening, we’ve seen ourselves in a situation where some changes had to be made, and also a proper business plan had to be done with broader and sharper objectives.



You must be questioning yourself, but dont worry, Arena stays strong in its place, with further income we’ll be able to raise the development by a considerable amount, but we won’t accelerate it more than what’s needed, as this game remains mainly as a passion for us, and we really don’t want to fuck up the game concepts because of a hurry for a rushed release.

With that said, we’re analyzing to keep the focus on Tool Development and stuff like that at for the moment. Things like plugins, addons and standalone software, even Android apps like Pixly. This will certainly help us by raising some goods to the dev, and also to finance our business as a whole.

Thanks for your interest in our operation here, and we’re keen to keep it going for a really long time. 😉

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  • Matthew Arnold

    Have you guys known each other for ages, you and Gustavo. I found my way here after using Pixly, its such an amazing tool. Gustavo is a very talented guy.

    • Hey Matthew! Thanks dude! Guilherme and I are working really hard to get stuff done at the best possible quality!