Ornament Timelapse: Modeling & Sculpting

Ornament Timelapse: Modeling & Sculpting

Hey there timelapse voyeurs! For the first time in my life I decided to take guts to record myself doing some 3D stuff in a timelapse. I was really scared to be honest, this is some kind of nerd voyeurism, your freaks, but here we are, I got it!

Maybe you could learn something from my mistakes @ 15 fps
I’ll try to push myself into recording more timelapses like this one, if you guys like it. I’ll just need some more practice and time to get used to have a program recording all the crap I do without doing even more crap because of knowing it.

This ornament will be a (small) piece of the fence I’m making, maybe I’ll even record all the process of making this asset, from modeling to bake and then make a video series with them? Who knows!

A good amount of hours condensed in 8 mins, a bit too fast, but I’ll take note on this, anyway, Enjoy!

(In fact, I’ve already recorded another timelapse before, for my Barcelona Chair Modeling Tutorial for CG Masters, check it out if you want some cool tips on modeling! But that’s another history)

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